Pitch Perfect.

Two nights ago, on Friday 2nd March I pitched a fragment of my novel Practising in an event organised by Bath Literary Festival.

In an unreal two  and  a half minutes  I described my novel, “Practising”  as  a literary thriller set in two time frames, concerning a teenage abduction in Bristol 2009;sentences that felt  entirely inadequate to convey the  truths and themes embedded in the book. Nevertheless these few words    summed it up the same way as a book cover does. I went on to enact (briefly… the bell went so soon) the time when the mother remember s back to when she (unknowingly) last saw her daughter; and again, in a few sentences, perhaps a paragraph tried to convey much more than the space allowed. This potentially stressful experience was salutary…how many times have I gone into a bookshop and judged a book on a less than three minute glimpse at the cover ,at the first paragraph This  what will happen to my book too. The practice was tough but useful .And though I had looked forward to it with a beating heart it was also  fun  to have   those few moments in the limelight, and interesting to act out my characters.

I will have another chance too;I am also presenting a different fragment of my novel at the 100 Woman event at 2 pm in St Michael’s Without Church,Broad Street,Bath.BA1 5U on Thursday 8th March 2012.


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